How can I prepare for the 2023 application cycle?

“The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.”


So, you find yourself a third of the way through your first year of A-level studies and setting your trajectory for the next two years of your life. You might have the path mapped out and know exactly which course you will be pursuing at university, after Sixth Form, or you might be less certain and weighing up the different choices which lie ahead. In either circumstance, do not underestimate the importance of careful planning over 2023 to ensure you maximise your potential this year and lay the foundations for an impressive UCAS personal statement, when you start making your applications either at the end of this year or early in 2024. It’s time to start thinking about your super curricular activities, and your application more broadly.

Each year, universities manage almost three million UCAS applications, from around 700,000 people, therefore, what will you be doing in 2023 to make sure your personal statement stands out and is as unique as you are?

Super curricular Activities

An excellent place to start is by considering your current super curricular endeavours – what do you presently do which extends your knowledge beyond the formal curriculum and what opportunities could you actively seek out, over the next twelve months, to deepen understanding of your chosen A-level subjects? 

As you will no doubt have already started to discover, the necessity to ‘read around the subject’ is one major difference from your GCSE studies. At GCSE level you will have been directed to key areas of study by your teacher, whereas, at A-level you are required to demonstrate much greater levels of autonomy regarding self-driven research. Many students find this newfound level of self-direction liberating and enjoy the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the areas they find interesting. Other students might find this shift in gear overwhelming and feel uncertain about how to get started. Your feelings regarding this increase in expectation might also vary depending on specific subject areas. For example, you might have chosen an A-level subject because it is a pre-requisite for a specific university course, therefore, you might be feeling apprehensive about self-directed study in this area.

How can CamVision help?

Seeking out external, super curricular tutor-led courses, which complement and extend your current knowledge, beyond your chosen A-level studies, is one way to ensure you retain motivation and confidence whilst also having plenty of material to write about in your UCAS statement or discuss when invited for university interviews. At CamVision Education we offer a broad suite of bespoke 1:1 and group super curricular courses. Our tutors are all highly skilled and accomplished in their specific fields. Therefore, who would be better to help facilitate your first experience of super curricular learning than our team of top academics, professors, and entrepreneurs?

However, the intrinsic benefits of super curricular studies are plentiful and extend far beyond the UCAS personal statement submission date and achieving your dream A-level grades. To engage in meaningful learning, driven by your curiosity and special interests, is to develop learning habits which will serve you well throughout your life. At university and in the workplace, there is an expectation you will be predominantly self-driven so why not start flexing those self-learning muscles now?

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