Supra-curricular: more homework in disguise?

People are telling you ‘do supra-curricular activities’ – what does that mean? One curriculum’s enough work, isn’t it? Without going ‘above and beyond’?

Let’s have a look.

Learning your school subjects at the basic level is dictated by the curricula for each one, right? Stuff you have to study and remember and repeat in class and in exams. It’s important, and quite possibly VERY BORING.

But you have subjects you love, don’t you? And if you love them, they’re the ones you enjoy studying, the ones you might want to do at A-level, maybe at uni. You’re hungry for more information about them – more words, more pictures, more sounds, more experiences.

So what do you do? You go online and search. Let’s just say it’s French language that you love. You might want to know more about how French people speak, hear how their accents and vocabulary vary from one region to another, from one social class or generation to another.

You’ll find yourself listening to loads of French stuff on TikTok, YouTube, French TV, Spotify. Chances are you’ll come away feeling enriched, and that next time you pick up a French book, the descriptions and characters will mean much more to you, your imagination will be stimulated. And you loved doing it!

That’s what passion for study and learning is all about.

Your teachers know that. As do the universities. So they’ve come up with the fancy term ‘supra-curricular activities’ because they know that the students who will have the best experience doing their degrees are the ones who go ‘above and beyond’ their curriculum.

They’re the students they’ll pick.