Mentoring: it’s never too early to start applying to Oxbridge universities

For many students, Cambridge University and Oxford University represent a significant goal, motivation and milestone on their education journey. While both institutions are recognised as the gold standard of academics, they also place enormous value on the whole individual – how they think, how they communicate, and their willingness to learn. Preparing yourself for that environment isn’t just something that happens in the final weeks of school; it’s something that needs nurturing as part of a holistic educational experience. That’s why we created CamVision’s University Mentoring Scheme.

Creating a holistic mentoring and educational experience

As a team that includes many Oxbridge graduates ourselves, we understand what it means to go to these illustrious universities, and how daunting the application process can be. Knowing this, we have put together a support service so that we can share our experience and knowledge in order to guide you and/or your child through each step of the university application process, with options to begin preparing at three different stages: between the ages of 10 to 14, from GCSE level and from the regular application period during a child’s A-levels.
All stages of the mentoring programme have shown empirical as well as experiential evidence of benefiting students and improving their chances of success at the universities of their choice. However, the benefit of starting younger is that it allows children to really explore their interests, discover the subjects they are most curious about, and develop their capacity and curiosity.

With you every step of the way

As students progress through the mentoring scheme, we will help them to develop their interests into strategic choices that help to create a positive path towards their desired undergraduate course. Then, in the final years of their school education, we will support them in preparing personal statements and preparing for the famously unique Oxbridge interview process. As our research is based on the experience of practicing or past tutors and fellows at Oxbridge universities, the protocols we create are based on a real understanding of what you can expect at your interview. 
Crucially, we are mindful that even with ambitious academic goals, it’s important for children to enjoy their education and to also have time to relax away from formal learning. For this reason, we offer immersive summer camps as part of the mentoring scheme. Many students find these to be both helpful and enjoyable, bringing them together with other like-minded students. In addition, we are mindful of fitting our programme in around the schedules of children and their parents, so we offer a combination of in-person and online classroom options to make the process easy, convenient and stress free.

We are always learning, growing and developing too

Crucially, our processes are constantly reviewed to make sure they are at the forefront of educational needs. Our Oxbridge tutors are hand-selected from the most driven and successful amongst their peers. Meanwhile, our senior team constantly review processes, results and feedback to make sure it’s at the cutting edge of education. 

For example, our educational advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon, is one of the top academics in the industry and works on the cutting edge of educational research. With more than 20 years of experience as a university lecturer, and having taught at all educational levels including K12, undergraduate, graduate, and adult learning, she is now a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and Tutor in continuing education at the University of Oxford, having held Research Fellowships previously at both the University of Cambridge and Harvard University. She is instrumental in the design, implementation and quality control of our services.

Unlike most of our competitors, at CamVision, we are firmly rooted in the University of Cambridge whilst also being a truly British-International consultancy. All of our management staff speak English and Chinese and have lived, worked and studied in both the UK and in East Asia. We understand the priorities of, and pressures on, international parents and students, while being at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence here in the UK. In short, we’re here to help.