How university application mentoring helped me achieve my university goals

University application mentoring is about helping students to achieve their goals in education, both for the next step and the long-term. For many students that specifically revolves around their university applications, especially when their exam results are not what they hoped. 
That can feel like a daunting prospect, and it can be difficult to know what to do next. Excellence to us is not purely defined by top grades, but by achieving the best for the individual. When Bihong was looking to apply for a Masters after graduating from her BA, we were able to support her in achieving her goals, despite having not had the grades she had hoped for.

Showing that a student is about more than exam results

At the time, Bihong was in her final year studying illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. Having not quite achieved the results she had wanted, her wish was still to stick to her plan of doing a Masters in arts and project management.
The challenge was to find options that would help her to achieve a high standard of training in her next level of education by making recommendations that would nurture her, supporting her with her personal statement and building an application that played to her strengths.

Achieving the best Masters placement for the individual

Having applied to five universities, she had offers from three, including Bedfordshire, Chester and Birmingham City. The crucial achievement was that she not only had choices, but choices she was excited about, and that she felt happy and confident about the next stage of her education. When her results came out she managed to achieve higher than predicted, resulting in a 2:1. As a result we were able to provide her with consultancy for an application to an MA in Arts Education at UCL, which she secured.

What the mentoring process involved:

  • Consultation to discuss the goals and needs of a studentCamVision then recommends a selection of institutions based on best fit for the student both socially and academically
  • We then guide students through the application and interview processes, helping to prepare, apply and answering any questions along the way.
  • Helping the students to choose from their successful applications and providing ongoing support as required.

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