How to prepare for the UCAS application deadline over the holidays

The UCAS application deadline is coming up fast on 15th January once we return from the festive holidays. So, while it’s a time for rest and relaxation, Sixth Form students across the UK will also be thinking about their university applications (or should be). This time is critical to preparing for that application submission, so what can you be doing over the holidays to make the most of the opportunity?

Do your research

Before preparing your personal statement and settling on your universities and courses of choice, make sure you do some final research into the details of what each uni covers (you can select up to five). One history course can be extremely different to another, so look at some of the fine print and make sure your choice reflects your interests.

It’s also a good time to revisit information on things like the student accommodation, and the wider location of the university, to make sure that it’s somewhere you feel you can spend three years. All of this research will also be likely to contribute to what you write in your personal statement as well.

Prepare your personal statement

Your personal statement is an incredibly powerful part of your UCAS application. Your predicted and existing grades are definitely important, but for the most part they set the baseline for your application. If the course you’re applying to requires three A*s at A Level, then that’s the starting point for your application, but it’s not everything.

Your personal statement is an insight into who you are and whether you’re a good fit for the course, the university and whether they think you will thrive in that environment. They want it to reflect how you think and to show why you’re interested in the topic you’re applying to study. The holidays are a wonderful time to really think about that and to get writing.

One member of our team spoke about the importance of their personal statement in a rather unusual application situation – you may find it inspiring!

Put dates in the diary

The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a position where you’re down to the wire when it comes to submitting your UCAS form. Get a diary or a calendar, even a few coloured markers if it will help, and plan so that you have everything you need in the format you need it to hit ‘send’ in good time.

Take a look at the online application, and make sure you’re not going to have any surprises or last minute hiccoughs. Don’t forget you can save your application before submitting – it doesn’t all have to be done in one go!

Get those last minute visits in

As long as Covid restrictions allow, use the holidays to go on a road trip to your city of choice. Thinking about applying to Bristol? Why not head over to see in the New Year? You might not be able to go into the university buildings, but you will be able to get a sense of the location and what it’s like to see if you like it.

At CamVision we offer university application mentoring. If you would like last minute support or academic coaching at school or university, you can read more on the website or contact us any time.