Gaming the supra-curricular universe

No, ‘supra-curricular’ isn’t just an upgraded term for ‘extra-curricular’. Supra-curricular activities – let’s call them ‘SupraCs’ for short – relate to your academic subjects, and especially the ones you’re likely to take exams in.

In contrast, extra-curricular activities are sports, hobbies, music and more – your organised fun and games whether in school or out of it.

So why are your teachers banging on about SupraCs these days?

Well, they do have an ulterior motive, and we’ll come to that.

First though, have a think about the subjects you enjoy at school. You actually look forward to the classes, the projects, the homework. In fact, you might even want to get more of them!

SupraCs are all about just that – satisfying your thirst for knowledge and experience of favourite subjects away from school. You do them to extend and deepen your understanding – and increase your enjoyment – of your subjects and of their curriculum.

Resources for courses

Whether you’re already engaged with SupraCs or not, here are some thoughts about ways of tracking down the best ones for you.

A broad online search on an aspect of your subject – whether Google, TikTok, YouTube or other general platforms – may connect you with what you’re looking for. You guys don’t need me to tell you that a carefully worded, carefully targeted search will always get you best results.

In fact, often it’s best to go direct to a specific site for which someone who knows about it has given you a link or a name. Ask your teacher or a friend, even your mom or pop!

Getting stuck in to supra-curricular activities might mean watching a movie based on a novel or play that you’re studying. Or it could be about a major historical or scientific event. You could track down feature videos on streaming platforms, or follow media stories about new and interesting developments in your subject.

Supra-curricular activities go way beyond hours sitting in front of a screen, they include things like reading books or magazines, chatting to people, listening to podcasts.

Better still, get out there! Try visiting a place that is connected with a favourite subject. How about a museum or gallery? A special location for science or geography? A historic building or site? Take loads of photos, cosy up to the locals.

In fact, when it comes to SupraCs, the sky’s the limit! (especially if you’re studying aeronautics – haha.)

Where are supra-curricular activities going to get you?

Ok, this is your teachers’ cunning plan. They want you to get into university, don’t they? And not just get in and be a tick-in-a-box for them and the school.

They want you to do a subject in which you’re motivated, and which will give you fulfilment. It means you can choose a course you will enjoy and end up with a decent degree. In turn, that should bring you to the right kind of work for YOU, and to a choice of personal lifestyle to go with it.

And the university people know this too, of course. They love to find young people who have got deep into their subjects and shown a level of passion for them. And usually that’s people who have done plenty of SupraCs…