UK Robotics & Venture Finance Courses


Five weeks


Accessible remotely


Available to current university students and recent graduates


Work with BRITBOTS, the largest UK robotics venture capital fund


Includes both taught elements and practical work experience

These courses, in partnership with Britbots – the largest UK robotics venture capital fund – give current university students and recent graduates the chance to gain the work experience and personalised guidance necessary to succeed in this competitive sector. 

Britbots is currently the only specialist investment vehicle for UK-based robotics, automation, and AI start-ups. These technologies are already dramatically changing the world around us, and will doubtless continue to do so.

What we offer

Applicants choose one of two available pathways, selecting either market research or investment:

First, you will then embark on a preparatory training course run by CamVision, where we will give you all the training you’ll need to develop a full toolkit of transferable skills that will enhance your employability for any sector.

After you complete the preparatory stage, you will be given assignments that have a real-world impact. You might be gathering data, researching competitors, analysing industrial laws and regulations, and directly contributing to Britbots’ future development strategies.

Our Britbots courses include: