Top concerns about home learning and what to do about them

Home learning has been a challenge for parents, teachers and students over the last year. However, as time has worn on and we move from short-term solutions to the longer impact, concerns over the adequacy of home learning measures have grown. So what are those concerns and what can be done about them?

A survey conducted by Muddy Stilettos Best Schools Guide identified key concerns over remote learning during lockdown. Education Technology reported the key points as being:

Nearly half of parents are dissatisfied with their child’s progress and development since lockdown

82% of children are missing their friends and social interaction with teachers

Many children have very limited interaction with teachers

Many children are bored, lack motivation and parents are worried that their education has been set back

Multi-platform learning for motivation and engagement

Online learning doesn’t have to be two dimensional.  The best results for remote learning see teachers using a combination of learning tools. That can mean video content (pre-recorded teacher-led videos for example), emailed tasks, online tools, offline assignments that see children utilise their home environment, as well as homework to ensure accountability. Tasks can include arts and crafts projects, singing, dancing and preparing quizzes – for example – or initiatives such as Dash and Dot.

Live engagement for a sense of community

The sense of community and ability to interact with friends has been a significant problem over the last year, and not just for children. However, it is a key part of the learning environment as well. The good news is that technology does provide a bridge to the real thing. Online group classrooms are available with select technologies. Education Technology also suggests that popular approaches include “online assemblies, links to YouTube, interactive websites and experiential lessons such as DT, Science, PE lesson and Cooking” as well as “live video conferencing… screen-sharing slides with voice overlaid”.

Setting developmental benchmarks

Assessment has been a big issue in education, and those heading into exam years or applying to university will have particular concerns as a result of cancelled formal exams this summer. However, it is still possible to set informal challenges to monitor progress and help motivate students. Virtual awards given in video classes and team competitions can help to create engagement, whilst also getting a gauge on student progress and encouraging team skills. 

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