Super-curricular tuition for students aged 15+, helping them engage with their academic interests and build competitive university applications.

What is "super-curricular" tuition?

 “Super-curricular activities are a great way to explore your subject in-depth and discover topics you are really interested in, and they can also help you to confirm that you’ve chosen the right subject to study at university.”

University of Cambridge website

Super-curricular tuition is designed to help students go above and beyond the school syllabus, allowing them to explore their interests further and build outstanding university applications.

Our tuition is most suitable for students aged 15+ who are beginning to think about university applications and the subject(s) they might be interested in applying to study. 

By undertaking super-curricular study with CamVision Education, students are given the tools and the experience they need to put together outstanding applications to top universities.

Our diverse range of academics, graduates, and researchers enables us to deliver our plethora of super-curricular tuition at the highest possible quality.

Many British universities provide free materials on their websites to guide students in their super-curricular pursuits, from reading lists to short videos and articles.

However, with such a bewildering range of advice available, many students find themselves confused or even downright failing to engage with the wealth of materials available to them.

We cut through the noise by creating curated, digestible super-curricular courses designed and delivered by Oxbridge admissions tutors, professors, and graduates.